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No matter which pest is causing you stress, Good Life Pest Solutions has the answer. Since 1978 we’ve been evicting vermin from Sacramento’s homes and businesses with our pest removal and pest control add-on services. Call (916) 481-0268 (Sacramento County Office) or (707) 562-4663 (Solano County Office) or schedule online now.

Sacramento Ant Control Services Ants

Still seeing an army of ants marching through the kitchen after home remedies? It’s time for professional pest control. Our techs will handle it with ant control treatment. At Good Life, we know how to locate, assess, and treat the entire colony, ridding you of them once and for all.

Sacramento Bed Bug Control Services Bed Bugs

Bugs in your bed. Not much more needs to be said about why you need our bed bug treatment. Let us help you sleep in peace once again.

Sacramento Bird Control Services Birds

Pigeons and other birds can not only make a huge mess at the entrances of a home or business, but they can also damage roofs and chimneys. We’ll help you humanely eliminate the flock, clean up the mess, and check for damage with our bird removal services.

Sacramento Cockroach Extermination Services Cockroaches

What you can’t see can sometimes hurt you — especially when you have a colony of cockroaches living invisibly in your kitchen. Get rid of these nocturnal pests with the help of our cockroach treatment.

Sacramento Rodent Control Services Rodents

Mice and rats are visitors you never want to see scurrying down your hallway. Ask us about our rodent control measures and make these disease-carrying creatures disappear.

Sacramento Spider Control Services Spiders

Little Miss Muffet isn’t the only one who doesn’t like “spiders beside her.” If spiders randomly repelling from the ceiling is making you feel edgy, call Good Life and ask for our spider exterminator services.

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Why Choose Us

We think you’ll agree: we offer many reasons for you to choose us as your pest control and inspection company.

  • Largest termite and home inspection company in the area. Can meet escrow deadlines.
  • One call does it all. We perform all your inspections at one appointment.
  • Experts in home building and construction. Ask for a free dry rot repair competitive bid.
  • All work is done in-house. No subcontracting.
  • Our staff includes professional licensed and certified InterNACHI® Master Inspectors, certified InterNACHI® Inspectors, and ASHI inspectors.
  • Detailed, narrative reports with pictures and summary report.
  • We offer 90-day home warranties with a Buy Your Home Back guarantee.
  • RecallChek© on all appliances inspected.
  • Family-owned and -operated since 1978.
  • Veterans receive a free termite inspection when scheduling a home inspection.
  • Weekend appointments available for all inspection services at no extra charge.

Take back your home from the intruders with pest control from Good Life Pest Solutions. We’ll find what’s bugging you and remove it from the premises. Call (916) 481-0268 (Sacramento County Office) or (707) 562-4663 (Solano County Office) or schedule online now. We serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas including Roseville, Lincoln, El Dorado Hills, Woodland, and Davis.

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