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If a recent termite inspection has revealed the unfortunate news that you have an infestation, rest assured that Good Life Pest Solutions has the termite control measures to rectify the situation. As the largest home inspection company in the area, we help hundreds of clients every month rid their homes of pests and insects. Call (916) 481-0268 (Sacramento County Office) or (707) 562-4663 (Solano County Office) or schedule a pest control service now. We serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

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Termites Can Be Deceptive

The only way to eliminate termites is with an experienced termite control specialist who can identify, treat, and prevent future infestations. We employ the most effective treatment methods to ensure a termite-free home or business.

Keep in mind that we use all in-house construction crews for termite treatment and repairs. Our sister company is Good Life Construction, so we are also experts in home building and construction. We’re not subcontracting the work out.

Our Pest Control Pros Are Ready To Help

Termite Pest Control Options

At NAHS, we will assess your home and recommend the best and most cost-effective option. Every situation is different, and sometimes we use a combination of methods.

  • Termite Bait Stations. Termite bait stations contain poisonous food that termites eat and share with their colony. The goal is for an unsuspecting termite to take the bait, return it to the colony, and eliminate the entire infestation in one shot. This is a proven treatment method used to eliminate both subterranean and drywood termites.
  • Soil Barriers. Used together with termite bait stations, a soil barrier is one of the most effective ways to eliminate current infestations and prevent future infestations. Our termite exterminator injects a lethal termiticide chemical into the soil that kills termites. The soil injection creates a protective barrier that stops subterranean termites from reaching your home or business.
  • Spray Foam. We may turn to a variety of foams and other chemical sprays to eliminate your termite problem. Spray foam can be used to penetrate known drywood termite infestations and plug the holes they use to traverse wood. Similarly, termiticide spray can be applied to locations of known infestations. However, these treatments are not effective at eliminating colonies whose locations have not been identified.
  • Fumigation. Fumigation treatment is a termite pest control method that encloses your property with an airtight tarpaulin. We inject odorless gas lethal to termites. This method is typically used when localized treatment methods are not effective at eliminating the entire infestation. You can expect to vacate the premises for up to a week to ensure the fumigation is effective and there is no danger to you or your family.

Why Choose Us

We think you’ll agree: we offer many reasons for you to choose us as your pest control and inspection company.

  • Largest termite and home inspection company in the area. Can meet escrow deadlines.
  • One call does it all. We perform all your inspections at one appointment.
  • Experts in home building and construction. Ask for a free dry rot repair competitive bid.
  • All work is done in-house. No subcontracting.
  • Our staff includes professional licensed and certified InterNACHI® Master Inspectors, certified InterNACHI® Inspectors, and ASHI inspectors.
  • Detailed, narrative reports with pictures and summary report.
  • We offer 90-day home warranties with a Buy Your Home Back guarantee.
  • RecallChek© on all appliances inspected.
  • Family-owned and -operated since 1978.
  • Veterans receive a free termite inspection when scheduling a home inspection.
  • Weekend appointments available for all inspection services at no extra charge.

Let NAHS provide all your termite control and home inspection needs. One call is all it takes. If you’re in escrow, let us know, and we’ll schedule all your inspections at the same time — indoors and out, even the pool. Call (916) 481-0268 (Sacramento County Office) or (707) 562-4663 (Solano County Office) or schedule pest control service now. We service Sacramento and the surrounding areas including Fairfield, Vacaville, Auburn, Rocklin, and West Sacramento.

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